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      Alkoxyhydroquinones, cycloalkenediols, cycloalkenobenzofurans, rearrangement [1]
      Anti-K antibodies [1]
      Automated phenotyping, Conveyor system, Greenhouse experiments, Greenhouse experimental design, Microclimate variation, Plant relocation, Statistical analysis, Thigmomorphogensis [1]
      biological control, Galleria mellonella, Photorhabdus luminescens, antagonism. [1]
      Bitter lupine, antioxidant, phenolics, flavonoids and antimicrobial [1]
      Cyanoguanidines, new route [1]
      Cyanoguanidines, tryptamine derivatives, synthesis [1]
      Deduce Amino Acid Sequence, Capsid Protein, Complete Nucleotide Sequence, Fusarium Graminearum [1]
      Dose response, D-optimal c-optimal, continuation ratio model, phase II clinical trials, stress tests, ternary responses [1]
      Dose-finding, experimental design, continuation ratio model, nonlinear response functions, phase II clinical trials, bivariate responses [1]
      Drought, leaf expansion, Lemnatec, QTL, Triticum aestivum, water-use efficiency. [1]
      dsRNA, Cloning, Full-length cDNA [1]
      Entomopathogenic Nematodes, Internal Transcribed Spacers, Phylogenetic Analysis, Ribosomal DNA. [1]
      Extraction method, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of olive leave extract [1]
      Heat tolerance Senescence Stay-green Chlorophyll content Wheat [1]
      Heat tolerance, Wheat, Triticum aestivum, Quantitative trait loci, QTL, Stay-green, Senescence, Grain size, Grain filling [1]
      Herbal Shampoo, Olive leaves extract, Stability, Oleuropein, HPLC [1]
      Herbal Shampoo, Olive leaves extract, Stability, Oleuropein, HPLC. [1]
      high sensitivity C-reactive protein [1]
      HNN-extension · Inverse Semigroups · Word Problem · Undecidability · Amalgams of Inverse Semigroups [1]