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    • A Convenient route to cyanoguanidines 

      Novak, Lajos; Hanania, Michel; Kovacs, Peter; Kovacs, Csilla Erika; Kolonits, Pal; Szantay, Csaba (Marcel Dekker, 1999)
      A facile and versatile method for the preparation of cyanoguanidines from amines and isothiocyanates via a methylation, cyanamide treatment sequence is described.
    • Preparation of Novel Cyanoguanidine Derivatives of Tryptamines 

      Hanania, Michel; Novak, Lajos; Kovacs, Peter; Kolonits, Pal; Szantay, Csaba (Thieme, 2001)
      A new class of cyanoguanidine derivatives bearing a tryptamine moiety was prepared by a three-step reaction sequence. The preparation of the starting materials and characterization of the intermediates are also described.
    • Rearrangement of Allyl Aryl Ethers II, Reactions of Hydroquinones with Cycloalkenediols 

      Hanania, Michel; Novak, Lajos; Kovacs, Peter; Kolonits, Pal; Fekete, Jeno; Szabo, Eva; Szantay, Csaba (Thieme, 1997)
      Cycloalkenobenzofurans are prepared in one operation from hydroquinone and cycloakenediol involving a sequence of acid-catalyzed formation of ether , 1,3- and 3,3-rearrangements, and acid-catalyzed intramolecular cyclization ...
    • Rearrangement of Allyl Aryl Ethers III, Reactions of Alkoxyhydroquinones with Cycloalkenediols 

      Novak, Lajos; Kovacs, Peter; Pirok, Gyorgy; Kolonits, Pal; Hanania, Michel; Donath, Katalin; Szantay, Csaba (Elsevier, 1997)
      Cycloalkenobenzofurans were prepared in one-pot reaction from methoxyhydroquinone, 2,5- and 2,6 and 2,3- dialkoxyhydroquinone with cycloalkenediol. Reaction between isomeric 2,5- dialkoxyhydroquinone with diol led to the ...
    • Synthesis of novel tryptamine and azepinoindole derivatives 

      Hanania, Michel; Novak, Lajos; Kovacs, Peter; Rohaly, Janos; Kolonits, Pal; Szantay, Csaba (Elsevier, 1997)