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    • Mapping of novel salt tolerance QTL in an Excalibur × Kukri doubled haploid wheat population 

      Asif, Muhammad A; Schilling, Rhiannon K; Tilbrook, Joanne; Brien, Chris; Dowling, Kate; Rabie, Huwaida; Short, Laura; Trittermann, Christine; Garcia, Alexandre; Barrett-Lennard, Edward G; Berger, Bettina; Mather, Diane E; Gilliham, Matthew; Fleury, Delphine; Tester, Mark; Roy, Stuart J; Pearson, Allison S (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2018-10-01)
      Key message Novel QTL for salinity tolerance traits have been detected using non-destructive and destructive phe­ notyping in bread wheat and were shown to be linked to improvements in yield in saline fields. Abstract ...